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Future is an authentic & unique, indie family owned beauty business. Not a newbie by any sense of the word, the brand was created 40 years ago by Anita Bar Lev. Dedicated to restoring skin’s youth, radiance and health through holistic methods, Future is a breath of fresh air that connects you to nature yet delivers astoundingly. Anita the created 5 Essential, a series of products to enhance the skin treatment processes.

The Future collection is a minimalist, smart collection of products that allows us to treat ANY skin, age, gender, safely & surely.

Anita is the living spirit behind Future Cosmetics with her passion and experience. Today, led by Yifat, three generations of their family work together to create, develop, and manufacture products in their family laboratory. Future Cosmetics offers a unique collection of skincare products based on all the very best in nature: pure oils, amino acids, essential oils, medical herbs, and algae. Each batch of products use the freshest ingredients and are produced in limited, boutique quantities. With a wonderful combination of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, Future Cosmetics is the bridge between folk herbal medicine from all around the world.

Anita Bar-Lev (left) and Yifat Ovadiya (right)

In the golden age of skincare and cosmetics in the 1970s, Anita trained as both a nurse and cosmetician, Anita was inspired from the start to find a balanced path of skin care that resonated with both elements of her training. Studying with experts in alternative medicine, cosmetology, and botanical treatments, she came intimately know the ingenuity of skin – delicate and powerful at once.

Teaming with makeup artist husband Benny Bar Lev, Anita has developed professionals’ conferences, magazines and training programs around her skin care philosophy: Skin should never be harshly manipulated. Rather it can be deeply transformed through treatments that restore its optimal state. 

In 1989, Anita and Benny collaborated with expert biologists and cosmeticians to launch a cosmetics laboratory that would develop the formulas of the Future Cosmetics line.

In 1993 Anita launched the first line of Future Cosmetics products – a boutique line of meticulously developed skin care products that infuse skin with nurturing treatments, restoring its natural vigor and radiance. Produced in the small and intimate family enterprise developed by Anita over the years, Future Cosmetics products are made with the greatest care for quality

The 5 Key Elements Of The Future Philosophy

  • Purification – not limited by physical cleansing of the skin but also removing internal toxins
  • Stimulation – regular, active exfoliation is important to renew skin cells, build the lymphatic drainage processes
  • Hydration – a central tenet for good, healthy skin. Only when skin is hydrated, can it be healthy, absorb actives
  • Nourishment – amino acids, proteins, hydration to nourish skin
  • Protection –skin barrier must be protected for skin to be healthy

These are the principles for bio-harmony – the perfect balance point of every organism. When we give the skin the perfect bio-harmony, it glows with balance, radiance, and vitality.